Your Stroke Recovery Chatbot


Your stroke rehabilitation chatbot.

Vigobot is the first stroke rehabilitation guide that uses artificial intelligence. Built to help stroke survivors and their families. Based on years of research in stroke treatment, psychotherapy and neuroscience.


Recover faster.

Stroke causes not only physical but also emotional changes, such as post stroke depression.

This renders it impossible to comply with rehabilitation regimens. Vigobot offers the most effective psychotherapy tools previously unavailable to the majority of stroke survivors, including counseling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). These techniques can speed up the recovery process by up to 50%.


How to use it?


Vigobot is a chatbot. It communicates via chat, kind of like text messaging.

Vigobot is created in collaboration with healthcare professionals and stroke survivors to be your guide and companion through stroke recovery. Everyone can communicate with Vigobot, but stroke patients and their families have the most to gain.


Evidence based.

Research shows that computer-based CBT can improve emotional well-being and foster motivation for recovery.

Recent breakthroughs in neuroscience has proven that our brain and nervous system never stops developing, allowing stroke survivors to continue to make slow but meaningful developments. Even after many years following stroke.

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The change is here.

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Counseling is crucial in treating depression.

With the help of modern technology, we are bringing it to millions of people around the world.

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Why it’s important

Repetitive physical exercise is the key to successful recovery, but for many stroke survivors rehabilitation begins too late, stops too soon, or they don’t have access to tools and therapy they need.

Our mission is to provide guidance and mental health assistance to stroke survivors and their families through scaleable modern technology to improve their rehabilitation potential.


About us.

Our strength comes from the integrated, patient-centric approach, combined with a relentless pursuit of scientific and technologic excellence solving the challenges of healthcare delivery. Vigobot stems from a research done by our CEO and it has grown into an innovative company combining healthcare and technology curated by stroke survivors, doctors, neuroscientists, psychologists and bright business minds.


Kristaps Krafte

Chief Executive Officer


Madara Pukite

Chief Clinical Officer


Janis Slezins

Chief Medical Officer


Agnese Orupe

CBT Therapist